A kid-friendly Warrior Cats roleplay set in the USA.
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The season is now LEAF FALL
Cold winds are beginning to blow in from the North, and snow occasionally drifts down in short flurries. Still, though, the prey is still running well in all territories. Beware, however, because these plentiful times will not last forever, since leaf-bare is on its way.
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 Roleplaying Rules -MUST READ-

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Rules -MUST READ-   Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:20 pm

These are the rules for roleplaying. Please read them before making your first RP post.

1. Our main RP rule here at WNL is this: If you couldn't see it in the Warrior cats books, then you can't see it here. So, in the books, do the cats use real curses? No. Does it describe cat's guts spilling out? No. Are there she-she or tom-tom romantic relationships? (I'm talking about the actual books, not fan theories.) No. Do cats commit suicide? No. Is there some violence and tension? Of course! Without that, it just wouldn't be Warriors! However, there is no need to add in things that just don't happen in the series.

2. Please don't "powerplay", or make your character perform impossible or unlikely feats such as backflips, taking down another cat with one bite, falling off of cliffs and walking away unharmed, being successful in every hunt/fight, etc. Pretty much, play fair!

3. Do not kill or seriously harm another character unless you have permission from their roleplayer.

4. Do not start site-wide events (prophesies that affect all clans, forest fires, etc) without first getting the Game Master's approval and do not start clan-wide events (prophesies that affect one clan, treachery to the leader, etc) without first getting the leader's approval.

5. TBA
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Roleplaying Rules -MUST READ-
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